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Top Physical Activities for Dogs

Top Physical Activities for Dogs

Every person wants his or her pets to be healthy and fit. Different exercises and games contribute to the fitness of pets. The activities not only make the dogs fit but also bring excitement and fun in our lives. These are some of the activities to try out.

Walk with Your Dog

dog playingRather than walking your dog, have it walk with you. In this case, wherever you go; go with your dog. This can also be a good exercise for you. Moreover, you can enjoy runs together. In this way, you can improve your stamina and that of your dog.

Teaching Fun Behaviors

As you know, mental exercises are the best for your dog. For instance, you can teach the dog certain exercises such as bowing, command by hand, or high-fiving. After teaching obedience commands, cognitive challenges start to drop off.

Tracking Clues

The truth is that not all dogs need tracking breeds. Ideally, any dog can participate in the sport of track. This is a competitive event for both handlers and dogs. Ascent trail is laid out many hours before the competition. A lot of clues are left for your dog to follow through and at the end, it is rewarded.

Playing with Other Dogs

This is a good activity as the body can move its body naturally. In fact, playing with other dogs has a lot of other health benefits such as relieving stress. Other than exercising, they can enjoy a good time.

Indoor Agility

It is easy to set up makeshift agility in your house with various things such as broom poles, chairs, and mats. Other things you may need include blankets, boxes, and cones. If you have money, you can purchase an indoor agility set.

Dance with Your Dog

dog training swimmingDo you know that you can dance with your dog? This can easily energize you and the dog as you both dance away to favorite tunes. Another thing to do is playing hide and seek with your dog. Put it somewhere until you can hide and call it to find you. The good thing about this tactic is that it helps enhance the mental capability of the dog.


Stairs offer an effective exercise for both the dog and its owner. You can easily command your dog to move up and down the stairs to burn the excessive calories.…

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