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Here you will find audio clips about important events that have taken place during the current and past Legislative Sessions.
Rep. Harper Sponsors House Resolution Calling for Increasing the Number of Women Serving On Corporate Boards in PA - 4/26/2017
Lawmakers joined representatives of women’s business groups in the state Capitol Wednesday in supporting passage of a House resolution urging all public and private companies as well as nonprofit institutions doing business in Pennsylvania to move toward a goal of having a minimum of 30 percent of leadership positions filled by women. Resolution sponsor Rep. Kate Harper (R-Montgomery) said by taking action on the measure Pennsylvania becomes the 5th state nationally to officially encourage and recognize the benefits of increasing gender diversity on the boards of companies and non-profit institutions.
Rep. Harper Renews Call to Crack Down on Turnpike Toll Violators - 9/8/2016
A recent state audit of the financially strapped Pennsylvania Turnpike has indicated a meteoric increase in the amount of uncollected toll revenues and a state lawmaker is now renewing her call for action on legislation to help crack down on EZPass toll violators. Bill sponsor Representative Kate Harper (R-Montgomery) said the Auditor General’s report shows nearly $43.2 million in tolls remain uncollected this year and her legislation would give the Turnpike Authority a much needed tool to enforce the collection of the delinquent funds now owed by habitual toll fare cheats.
Harper's Consumer Protection Bill Passes House - 5/18/2016
Legislation designed to give taxpayers a say in the potential sale or lease of municipal-owned sewer or water systems has been approved by the Pennsylvania House. Bill sponsor Rep. Kate Harper (R-Montgomery) said citizens should have their voices heard before decisions are finalized that could have significant financial impacts on local municipalities. House Bill 1956 now moves to the Senate for consideration. From Harrisburg, Chuck Nichols reports.
Rep. Harper Comments on House Passage of 2015-16 Supplemental Budget Funding - 3/16/2016
Lawmakers took action Wednesday in the state capitol to provide essential funding for the remainder of the 2015/2016 state budget. The current year’s fiscal plan remains unresolved due to the Governor’s line-item vetoes of more than $6 billion for basic and higher education, as well as money for the Department of Corrections and agriculture programs. The House and Senate put forth the supplemental budget legislation to address funding holes created by the Governor’s vetoes and restore state funding for these programs. The funding bill approved today provides for a 200 million dollar increase for basic education, a 5 percent increase for higher education, and ensures that no schools will close in the Commonwealth. Rep. Kate Harper (R-Montgomery) said this funding plan will complete the state budget and provide much needed funding for schools and other education programs that are in dire need of state support.
Rep. Harper’s Gas Severance Tax Proposal Discussed by the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee - 2/8/2016
A bi-partisan proposal to institute a modest severance tax on the natural gas produced from Marcellus Shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania was discussed Monday by the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee in Harrisburg. Bill sponsor Representative Kate Harper (R-Montgomery) said she was pleased that the committee is taking a hard look at her measure that would preserve the existing impact fee program, while providing new revenue to help state government deal with pressing financial concerns.
Harper Bill Approved to Give Voters a Say in Mandatory Retirement Age for PA Judges - 11/18/2015
Pennsylvania voters will have the opportunity to vote by referendum next year to set the mandatory retirement age for judges in the Commonwealth at 75 under legislation approved this week by the state Senate. Sponsor of the bill Rep. Kate Harper (R-Montgomery) said she thinks voters will see the value in raising the judicial retirement age and keeping the most experienced judges on the bench.
Rep. Harper Comments on Defeat of the Governor’s Tax Increase Plan - 10/7/2015
The Pennsylvania House voted to defeat the Governor’s tax increase proposal Wednesday in Harrisburg. The latest version of the tax legislation would have increased the personal income taxes by 16 percent, from 3.07 percent to 3.57 percent, and would have levied one of the highest tax rates on the production of natural gas in the nation. House Republicans overwhelmingly voted against the Governor’s tax plan and called for action on a state budget that will balance without increasing the burden on hard-working Pennsylvanians. Rep. Kate Harper (R-Montgomery) offered the following comments following the vote on the bill.
Rep. Harper and Area Lawmakers to Host Veterans Expo Oct. 2 - 9/25/2015
Veterans of all ages are invited to a Veterans Expo on Friday, Oct. 2, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in College Hall at Montgomery County Community College. The event is jointly hosted by Congressman Patrick Meehan (R-PA) and state Reps. Kate Harper (R-Montgomery), Tom Murt (R-Montgomery/Philadelphia), Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery) and Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery). The expo will offer valuable information for veterans of all ages, but is especially geared toward the men and women who have recently returned from service and are working to transition back to civilian life. A radio Public Service Announcement to promote this event has been recorded by Rep. Kate Harper (R-Montgomery) and is now available for use by local radio outlets:
Rep. Harper Comments on Budget Delay, Governor's Continued Calls for More Taxes - 7/20/2015
House members from the Delaware and Montgomery County Republican delegation voiced their criticism of tactics used by Gov. Tom Wolf in the current budget standoff during a news conference held Monday at the Montgomery County Court House. In early July the governor acted to veto a balanced spending plan for 2015-16 that would have increased school funding without need for any tax increase, and subsequently vetoed landmark pension reform and liquor privatization legislation. Republican House members characterized the governor’s actions as counterproductive and condemned the tactic of using a Washington DC headquartered lobbying group to wage a negative campaign against Republican House members who voted to hold the line on tax increases.
Harper Comments on House & Senate Budget Plan - 6/26/2015
House and Senate Republican leaders today unveiled the 2015-16 budget plan that adds considerable funding to education without adding to the tax burden of Pennsylvania families. The budget plan is on track to be presented to the governor before the end of the state’s fiscal year on June 30. The House and Senate Republican plan is a balanced budget that includes no new taxes or tax increases and $200 million in new money toward education. It also includes fundamental changes to the state’s pension and liquor systems. Comments are now available from Rep.Kate Harper (R- Montgomery) on the plan.